9K BTU Inverter Wall Split Type Air Conditioner


  • Capacity Btu/h: 9000
  • Refrigerant: R410A
  • Input W: 800 (250~1100)
  • Rated current A: 3.5 (1.1~4.8)
  • Cooling Consumption kwh: 529.94
  • Moisture Removal L/h: 1
  • Max. input consumption W: 1100
  • Max. currentA: 4.8
  • Compressor Type: ROTARY / DC Inverter
  • Indoor air flow (Hi/Mi/Lo) m3/h: 450/400/350/300/250
  • Indoor noise level (Hi/Mi/Lo) dB(A): 40/38/35/32/29
  • Indoor unit Dimension (W*D*H) mm: 698x255x190
  • Indoor unit Net/Gross weight Kg: 6 / 8
  • Outdoor air flow m3/h: 1700
  • Outdoor noise level dB(A): 50
  • Outdoor unit Dimension (W*D*H) mm: 770x290x498
  • Outdoor unit Net/Gross weight Kg: 23/26
  • Refrigerant piping Liquid side/ Gas side mm: ɸ6/ɸ9.52
  • Refrigerant piping Max. refrigerant pipe length m: 10
  • Refrigerant piping Max. difference in level m: 5
  • Thermostat type: Remote Control
  • Operation temp: 16-31
  • Ambient temp: 18~58
  • Power supply Ph-V-Hz: 1Ph, 220-240V`, 50Hz
  • With 3 meter Copper Piping
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